Lake Marmal Vineyards Pty Ltd
Lake Marmal Vineyards Pty Ltd (LMV) is a vineyard development and management company located in central Victoria near Lake Marmal which is 20km west of Boort on the Boort-Charlton Road. The aim of LMV is to establish and manage profitable large scale wine grape production that offers buyers of wine grapes defined, predictable and consistent grape quality.

Lake Marmal Vineyards story began in 1998 when a 500 parcel of land between Boort and Charlton was sourced for the development of wine grapes. The development was completed following the offer of a long term grape purchase agreement from what was then Southcorp Wines Pty Ltd (this later became Foster's Wine Estates and is now known as Treasury Wine Estates).
LMV also produces a small amount of wine made from 100% of its fruit under it's own label. This wine is only available through local retailers (in Boort and Charlton), through this website or direct from the Vineyard. For more information please click on the Wine link above.